Gearing Up for the Giving Season: Summer Workshop Recap + Highlights

Last week, we were thrilled to host Gearing Up for the Giving Season, a workshop covering  branding basics, social media essentials, and online marketing and fundraising best practices to help local nonprofits plan for an impactful end-of-year season ahead. Special thanks to our workshop sponsor, Mary True, and the 11 amazing local organizations who attended. Below are some key tips we shared:

  1. Your Brand: Get Clear Before You Create! Before any campaign launch planning begins, take some time to audit your key online brand touch points. Consider:
    • Does your current creative identity align with your broader mission messaging?
    • Is your website clear and usable, with easy-to-locate information about the programs and services that donated funds will support? And, is it optimized for mobile? The average mobile user is on their device for 3+ hours every day.
    • Do you understand your target audiences and the various segments you serve? Our recent Research Roundup post has some tips and suggestions and other resources to help.
    • Are your donation pages functioning properly?
    • Are your internal systems ready to go to support timely donor recognition communications? More branding tips can be found in the roundup post from our Summer workshop, 5 Small Tips for Brilliant-Branders-To-Be.

words (1)2.  Consider Your Stories. It’s no secret we are big fans of brand storytelling. Read more on this in another recent post,  8 Brand Storytelling Tips that Stand the Test of Time. Other good reads on this topic include 8 Examples of Nonprofit Brand Storytelling Done Right and The Most Overlooked Piece of Nonprofit Branding: Your Story.  We love helping clients craft and share their stories; learn more if you need some help in this area!

GT_icon_education-150x1503. Don’t Reinvent The Wheel: Leverage the Many Free Resources Available!  If your organization is planning to participate in #GivingTuesday on 11/29, you’re in great company. Whether you choose to take a direct fundraising approach, target an emerging audience segment, test a new communication channel, or promote in-kind donations or volunteering, #GT is all about community and collaboration. Our guest post, Gearing Up for #GivingTuesday: 5 Simple Steps to Take Today, offers some basics to get started. The #GivingTuesday site has many free resources and assets—start with their ideas roundups, download the toolkit, and then check out the additional resources. Network for Good also offers many free planning tools including sample communications timelines and 9 Essentials for a Winning #GT.

OGive4For Our Local Fans & Followers: Join the #OregoniansGive Movement! Once again, Oregon is bringing our own local spin to #GT, with the OregoniansGive campaign, which encourages philanthropy, empowers nonprofits, and inspires Oregonians to strengthen  communities across the state. Visit the campaign website to learn more, get free planning resources, and register your nonprofit to participate. (Even if you registered in 2015, you will need to do so again.) They are also hosting a series of upcoming webinars. What a great way to engage locally in a growing national movement!

Get to Know Our Attendees! I am truly inspired by the missions and community programs led by a diverse group of organizations who attended, and I encourage you to get to know the great work they are doing.  As most of you know by now, we love making cause marketing matches, so feel free to drop me a line anytime, if you’d like an introduction to any of these great groups.

Announcing Big Small BlogIt was also great to have longtime community champion and local business owner Kimberly Wuepper Rudick join us for the session; I’ve had the honor of collaborating with Kimberly on various projects (like this one!) over the years, and truly admire how she walks the walk of giving back, both personally and professionally. She shared some insights from her perspective as a funder; see below for a link to community engagement tips she shared in a previous post.

If you found any of these tips helpful for a nonprofit you support, feel free to pass along!
If you know of a nonprofit who might benefit from a workshop or coaching sessions with our team, I invite you to learn more about the many topics we cover with teams of many sizes and stages, or reach out directly anytime. We’d love to hear from you.

To a great season of giving ahead!


As always, if  you have a local business or brand to nominate for an upcoming Big small Talk, get in touch!

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