Optimizing Your Online Presence: A Few Takeaways from the Anvil Media Team

With Fall in full swing, we’ve been heads-down lately in client project work, which has included a diverse mix of new product  and service launch planning, research studies, and chat-bubblesbrand coaching. During client crunch periods such as this, our own blog and social media efforts often take a brief pause — which is, of course, not ideal, but the reality of running a business where our clients always come first. Today, we’re peeking out from under it all to share some (overdue!) reflections from a great seminar that BSB team member Kyle Napoli attended over the summer with the Anvil Media team as part of their quarterly Lunch & Learn series.  Thanks for attending and sharing a few tips, Kyle!


The seminar focused on onsite optimization, providing an overview of the latest thinking in content creation, keyword development, link building, and the value of regular site updates, and how all of these can boost your search results.  The Anvil team generously posts their presentations on Slideshare, so you can check out the slides for Onsite Optimization and whole host of other topics, too.  For Kyle,  key takeaways from the session included:

  • More than half of all searches are coming from mobile devices, and Google will prioritize mobile optimized sites for any search that originates from such a device
  • Regular updates help your site keep a higher ranking in search results—this is why we often recommend maintaining an active blog
  • Keywords are most useful when integrated into well-written, compelling content that is tailored to the needs and interests of your site visitors
  • Being linked to by high-quality sites (called link building) is weighted in search rankings, so set a Google Alert for mentions of your brand and then ask for links-backs or link corrections
  • Linking to your site from your social media accounts is also an important part of a link building strategy

The Anvil presenter, Nate Stenberg, also noted some useful tools for folks involved in content development, including Google’s Mobile-Friendly TestThe ResponsiveBSB Sticky Note Design Checker, the Google Keyword Planner, and the Google Search Consoleformerly known as Google Webmaster Tools.

Their next Lunch & Learn is coming up on November 9, and tackles a topic we know is of interest to many of you: How to Properly Use Social Media to Amplify Brand Experience.  Check it out!  While you’re there, take a glimpse at their other great resources,  including digital media white papers, webinars, and their blog.  And, if you have suggestions of other events and resources to share with our clients, partners, and friends,  drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!

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