Hello 2017: Trends, Tips & Tools for What’s Ahead

Orange Info ButtonWhenever January comes to a close, I always feel a huge sense of relief.  The month that famously begins with a pop of champagne and a list of well-intended (but, let’s face it, mostly unattainable) resolutions often ends in a state of exhaustion, with many well-intended  tasks we still haven’t completed, and a mounting to-do  list for the month ahead. Suddenly the New Year is no longer new, and the first quarter is nearly half-way done. Whoa! So, I thought I’d take a moment to step away from my own to-dos to share a simple list of some predictions, trends, and other expert perspectives to help reignite (or jump-start) your brand and marketing planning efforts ahead. Hope you enjoy!

Marketing Recaps and Predictions

Content Marketing Trends

Influencer Marketing Trends

Social Media trends

With so much information out there, I’m sure there are others worth adding to this list. If you have a resource to share or a marketing prediction of your own, drop us a line!


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