BSB’s Simple Summer Reading Roundup

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, Summer adventures are right around the corner. And whether you’re planning some travels or sticking close to home, chances are you want to make the most of the season in all of its sunshine-y glory  while it’s here.  noun_132879_50B4FFAfter a jam-packed start to the year with client projects and partner collaborations,  I’m looking forward to taking some time off to recharge the batteries this summer, and also to catchup on some overdue reading, too.  So, we’re sharing a roundup of some reads to help you consider, fine-tune, and optimize your brand touchpoints ahead…



Brand storytelling is a topic we tackle often with our clients, in workshops we lead, and in previous blog posts. A few others to check out are  the Problogger Podcast, 14 Types of Stories You Can Tell On Your Blog, Quick Sprout’s Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing: Tell Your Brand’s Story, and Skyword’s Storytelling in Business: Lessons for Brands of All Sizes.


It’s no secret we’re passionate about helping brands and businesses drive positive social change whenever we can. A few good reads to inspire you on this front include:


Looking to take your insights to the next level? Our recent post, Research, Demystified is a good place to start. We’ve been knee-deep this year in a few really fun research projects exploring differences among different generations and other audience segments. If you’re curious about this, too,  the Pew Research Center is a good go-to source. One of the many related reads on this topic I’ve bookmarked is this Infographic, 50% of Gen Z Can’t Live Without YouTube, and other Stats That Will Make You Feel Old from Adweek.

Anything you’d add here?  I plan to update this post next month, so let me know if you have a great resource to add to the list!


Summer is also a great time to audit and refine previous marketing plans, brush up on branding basics, or take a deeper dive into marketing topics you may not have yet mastered. I love helping growing businesses, organizations and teams accelerate their growth in these areas through workshops, training, and coaching. If you’re curious, drop me a line to learn more before Fall and Winter are upon us once again.

In the meantime, here’s to a great Summer ahead!


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