Hello 2017: Trends, Tips & Tools for What’s Ahead

Orange Info ButtonWhenever January comes to a close, I always feel a huge sense of relief.  The month that famously begins with a pop of champagne and a list of well-intended (but, let’s face it, mostly unattainable) resolutions often ends in a state of exhaustion, with many well-intended  tasks we still haven’t completed, and a mounting to-do  list for the month ahead. Suddenly the New Year is no longer new, and the first quarter is nearly half-way done. Whoa! So, I thought I’d take a moment to step away from my own to-dos to share a simple list of some predictions, trends, and other expert perspectives to help reignite (or jump-start) your brand and marketing planning efforts ahead. Hope you enjoy!

Marketing Recaps and Predictions

Content Marketing Trends

Influencer Marketing Trends

Social Media trends

With so much information out there, I’m sure there are others worth adding to this list. If you have a resource to share or a marketing prediction of your own, drop us a line!


Brand Impact Essentials Workshop Roundup: Key Tips for Brilliant Branders-to-Be

On November 30, we held our final workshop of the year, Brand Impact Essentials. at Hatch.  What an honor to be joined by local entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders to think about goals and strategies for the year ahead. I always come away from these sessions inspired by the diverse talents and voices in our community, and love seeing the connections they make with one another, too.  Continue reading

Falling Into Place: 30 Simple Seasonal Marketing Ideas, Fall Edition!

Happy fall, folks!  With summer officially well-behind us—except for some amazing weather we enjoyed here in the Pacific Northwest—it is time for many of us to re-focus our outreach and planning efforts. And so, it’s time for our Simple Seasonal Marketing Ideas: Fall Edition!

We’ve rounded up a quick list of some upcoming seasonal holidays and observances to give you some ideas and inspiration. Use them to develop a new promotional concept, create a community partnership, launch a philanthropic campaign over the holiday season, or simply be part of spreading the word on your social media networks. And, if you know of a great one to add to the list,  note them in the Comments below or drop me a line anytime. Enjoy! Continue reading

Gearing Up for the Giving Season: Summer Workshop Recap + Highlights

Last week, we were thrilled to host Gearing Up for the Giving Season, a workshop covering  branding basics, social media essentials, and online marketing and fundraising best practices to help local nonprofits plan for an impactful end-of-year season ahead. Special thanks to our workshop sponsor, Mary True, and the 11 amazing local organizations who attended. Below are some key tips we shared Continue reading

BSB Spring Research Roundup: 4 Tips—and Many Resources—To Pave Your Path

One of my favorite parts about running our firm is the diversity of client projects we take on, and the industries we serve, throughout the year.  As I shared recently in What’s Your Secret?, the “typical day” around here can look and feel quite different, depending on the types of engagement we’re tackling at the time.

research-definitionThis spring, our project docket has been chock-full of research-oriented projects across a few different sectors—using surveys, in-depth interviews, and focus groups to help our clients conceive new communications campaigns, inform new product ideas, and drive strategic planning and growth efforts. While the projects themselves have been quite different in nature, each has been a reminder of how much we love helping organizations better understand and engage and the audiences they serve. So, today we’re taking a few moments to share a simple roundup of some easy research reads that may inspire better insights. Continue reading

Spring Into Action: 5 Great Causes To Support, and 8 Great Reads to Inspire

heart doodleHappy National Volunteer Week, all! While it’s no secret we’re big fans of community engagement throughout the year, this week gives us even more inspiration to highlight a few local organizations and individuals who offer easy, high-impact ways for busy professionals and entrepreneurs to give back, engage, and invest in their communities. We’ve also included some helpful reads and resources below to help you make the most out of your personal and professional volunteer engagement efforts. Continue reading

Simple Seasonal Marketing List, Spring Edition

calendarioWith the last week of February upon us, it’s time to start thinking Spring, folks!  As we think about brighter skies ahead, first day of spring finally on the horizon, so it’s time to share our Simple Seasonal Marketing List, Spring Edition!  Below is a snapshot of some “beyond the obvious” seasonal highlights to consider as you think about creative angles for upcoming promotions, social media stories, and community outreach efforts, or simply want to help spread the word about these great messages and campaigns with your network! Continue reading

Mid-Quarter Roundup: B2B Marketing Trends & Tips for the Year Ahead

new-sunburst-lite-plus-icon_zyEZ9TLO_LAnd…poof! Mid-February is here, folks. For fellow business marketers, this means that we’re half-way through the first quarter of 2016.  Now is a great time to step back and reflect on your 2016 growth goals. Are you on track?  If not, now is the time to consider the strategies, opportunities and tools that will fuel your brand’s growth and success ahead in the coming months, and well beyond.

Luckily, there are many great resources available to help our B2B clients, partners, and friends learn how to boost your  brand, your business, and your bottom line. Below are a few of the many reads we’ve been sifting through to inform some of our client marketing strategies—and our own, too! Continue reading