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it all started with some skittles…

I supIMG_6523pose I was wired to be an entrepreneur from an early age. I started my first business in Middle School, selling Skittles out of my sixth grade school locker. The following year, I was the only certified Red Cross babysitter on the block with professional business cards. Fast forward several decades to when—shortly after my move from California to Oregon, and after more than a decade of agency, corporate, and nonprofit leadership roles—I launched Big Small Brands on my birthday in February 2010. The path that got me where I am today has had a few incredible pit stops, no doubt.

The first few chapters of my career story taught me some important lessons I still carry with me today. Among them…

  • Embrace opportunities, whether you’re ready for them or not. My first post-college job was temping in the PR department for J. Crew Group in NYCa dream job for any recent grad, which I landed somewhat by accident while hunting for another job that would (sigh…) put my History degree to good use. When my boss got fired a few weeks into the gig, I wasn’t sure what to do next. But, I liked what I’d been learning so far, and needed to pay my rent. So, I started picking up her phone when it rang and pretending I knew what to do when people asked for help. Eventually, I figured (most of) it out, and made a ton of mistakes along the way.  I was soon coordinating media relations, product placement, and catalog promotions, and by the time they re-hired the department manager, I had created a full-time position for myself that I loved. Over the next year, though,  I started to realize that the part of my job that fired me up the most were the marketing collaborations and philanthropic partnerships we were beginning to set up for our new network of retail stores. So, it was time for a change.

  • Trust your gut. As tough as it was to consider leaving the security of a promising new career path, it just didn’t feel like “me.” So, in a move that made no sense to my close colleagues and friends,  I left the world of fashion PR for nonprofit marketing. In my role as Campaign Director for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s brand new Team In Training Program, I was charged with helping grow a local, grassroots racing team into a national signature campaign. Here, I learned firsthand the power of cause marketing, corporate and individual philanthropy, and networking for good. As a relative newcomer to the nonprofit world, I was was lucky to have incredible bosses and mentors who helped guide my growth, and a personal connection to the cause I was championing, which inspired my work each day. I also ran my first (and, so far, last) marathon and got my first glimpse of what it means to be part of an innovative nonprofit leadership team—an experience that inspired me to join my first Board and to make a commitment that I would keep social good at the core of what I do, whenever I could.

  • Take leaps. In 1997, I was invited to join a team of early internet marketers at Citysearch, now a division of IAC/Interactive Corps, to help small business customers make the most of their first internet marketing presence. I was a bit terrified about the idea; I’d never used the internet before, and it would be a pay cut from the nonprofit job I loved. But I had never seen so much passion for an idea as I did with the team who interviewed me, or a work culture that felt like “home” from the moment I walked in the door. So I took a leap and gave it a shot. Over the next few years,  my roles included managing regional promotions, leading customer retention, and building revenue-generating partnerships with sister properties such as Ticketmaster,, and Evite. After the (first) internet crash, I moved to as Director of Product Marketing, managing lead generation, dealer advertising, and media partner products for automotive brand clients and partners. These roles taught me a lot about delivering innovative customer experiences with limited staff and helping emerging organizations create compelling and engaging online experiences when they are big on ideas, but short on resources. I loved every single moment of it!

  • Keep learning. While loved the pace and passion of the dotcom sector, I was ready to expand my marketing muscles, to explore new sectors and solutions, and transitioned into the agency world in 2001, as VP Sales at Buzztone, leading engagements with entertainment and consumer brand clients. From here,  I joined Siegel+Gale,  a global strategic branding firm, as VP Business Development, where I led West Coast sales for brand strategy, identity, interactive media, and brand alignment services. In 2008, I joined the Kelton Global team as EVP Marketing & Business Development, an experience that opened my eyes to the power of qualitative research, a key focus of the work we do today. These roles gave me experience across all areas of  the branding and business development spectrum, and exposure to the ins-and-outs of nearly every business category under the sun.


2561662 (2)Shortly after my daughters were born, I knew it was time for a big change. We moved our family from California to Portland, Oregon, in 2009.  Seeking a new challenge—and a lot less time in airport terminals—I took the leap and launched Big Small Brands on my birthday in 2010 with a simple vision: help great clients evolve, innovate, and accelerate their growth.

Today, I love tackling the diverse challenges our clients face, and bringing the perspectives and insights I got from years servicing larger corporate and agency brands to emerging businesses and  organizations. From the get-go, I made a commitment to support  nonprofit and community-minded brands, too. Over the years, this has included a mix of pro-bono and preferred rate client engagements, hands-on volunteering, and allocating a portion of client revenues to support early-stage nonprofit brands.  I also incorporate cause marketing elements into a lot of the work I do with corporate clients, and love helping match nonprofits with brands seeking to grow their community engagement and support social good.  Some of the community roles I’m most proud of in recent years include:

And more! Read a bit about my commitment to helping great causes connect, engage and grow.

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