What Our Clients Say

A selection of testimonials from various projects and engagements in recent years.

Marketing & Communications Agencies

“Jen and I have teamed up on several research projects. Her findings were insightful, practical, and led to better outcomes for our clients. I recommend highly and without hesitation. Jen is also a recognized community leader and she was one of the first people of I thought of to invite to join The Portland Ten, a group of the city’s coolest social change makers.” — Mac Prichard, President, Prichard Communications

“I’ve had the honor of knowing Jen since 2008, when we were connected through our previous agency roles. Since then, our paths have crossed in a variety of ways.  I admire Jen’s ability to leverage her deep roots in strategic marketing and communications to help both established + emerging businesses evolve and grow, and her passion for creating cause marketing partnerships that support some incredible organizations in our community. If you have an opportunity to partner with Jen, I highly recommend it! ” — Allyson Savage, Global Vice President, POSSIBLE

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jen over the past five years and she is an amazing     marketer and brand builder. Her ability to approach branding and marketing issues from a unique angle is unparalleled, and Jen’s positive attitude and love of what she does shine through.”—Kristin Luck,  Sales & Marketing Strategist, The Luck Collective

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jen over the past several years. She brought fresh ideas, clear passion, and strong leadership that helped each of our organizations succeed in meaningful ways. I truly enjoyed working with her and hope to again in the future!”— Kristi Herriott, Partner, Firmani & Associates

“Jen is an amazing relationship builder, constantly on the lookout for new opportunities, identifying strategic new opportunities, and following through with poise and tenacity. Add to that her broad marketing/branding/research expertise and her tireless ‘always on’ work dedication; she’s a great asset to any company looking for a seasoned Marketing pro.”—Martin Eichholz, PhD, Partner, Quantitative Research, Kelton Global

“Jen brings fresh marketing insights to help drive visibility and growth, and in both arenas, she is an invaluable asset. Agencies and businesses looking for a fearless marketer/business developer, with savvy in the most current channels available today, need look no further…Jen Barth is the best I have seen in my professional career. To top it off, she’s down-to-earth and fun to work with, too!”— Michellene DeBonis, Founder, Zeste Consulting

“Jen is much more than a brilliant sales and marketing executive. She’s also a uniquely passionate and creative individual who is constantly striving to help out those around her. Jen is a fantastic partner on pitches, an incredible addition to any team.”—Aaron Frank, Former Brand Strategy Director, Siegel + Gale

“Jen is an absolute dynamo! She is organized, detail-oriented, witty, and smart, not to mention highly creative, and fun to work with. She’s tenacious and curious and never gives up. Jen is also extremely likeable, responsive, and a wonderful team player. An absolute asset to any team or organization large or small!”— Mindy Sabella, Former Director, Marketing & Business Development−North America, FutureBrand

SMALL & Emerging businesses

“Jen is a great asset to have on any project. While having the flexibility and sense of urgency to get projects done quickly, she also takes the extra effort to make sure all parties involved are on the same page and happy with the results. We truly couldn’t have accomplished as much as we have without her.”— Sarah Jordan, VP of Marketing, PaySimple.com

“Jen took the time to understand our business needs before building a comprehensive plan to help us move forward. She implemented a strategic process to help us better understand and engage our customers. Through data analysis, surveys and in-person user groups, Jen helped us gain valuable insights about our audience. We now have a bevy of new ways to engage and deepen our relationship with these customers. Jen’s work was structured, timely, and professional; she met all expectations and delivered the work on-time and on-budget. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”  — Ben Forstag,  Managing Director, Mac’s List 

“Jen is a tremendous sales and marketing professional. She has a very good grasp of operations and technical concepts that serves her well in her sales and marketing efforts, and she excels at forging strong relationships. She is engaging and a pleasure to work with, and is also very creative and has the ability to come up with top-notch original solutions.” — Geoff Petkus, Former Director, Product Development, Edmunds.com

“Should your company have the opportunity to take advantage of the talents of Jen Barth, consider yourself savvy! Jen’s wealth of business experience across a varied array of sectors, coupled with her passion and enthusiasm for people and solving problems, makes her the ideal candidate to help your business achieve its goals. Jen is results-oriented and extremely creative—you will see results that far surpass your investment!” — Traci Fleming, Founder, Nurseryworks / President, House of Honey

“Working with Jen is a pleasure. A consummate professional, I found Jen’s approach to always be positive, high energy, and creative. She is an agile thinker, able to quickly analyze any situation to come up with an innovative solution. I recommend Jen and Big Small Brands to any company that seeks a capable and collaborative partner with the expertise to launch a new brand.”  — Kathryn Shimabukuro, Partner, Center Point Management 

“We hired Jen to help us refresh and update our brand. She did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of our culture as a company and what we wanted to convey to our audience. Jen has superior writing and editing skills. In addition, I appreciated Jen’s energy and enthusiasm for our business and her desire to help us achieve a positive outcome.”  — Wendy Kent, Principal, Kent Employment and Staffing Solutions

Nonprofit Organizations

“Jen Barth is a thought-provoking presenter and a great storyteller. In our workshop for small-business owners, she put sometimes difficult-to-cover topics like brand management into simple terms. Her knowledge of marketing was deep, and went beyond any simple listing of recommended activities. We are proud to have Jen as part of our presenter team.”— Loren Guerrero, Product Manager, MicroMentor, Mercy Corps

“I have worked together off and on for almost 15 years; words cannot describe the pleasure of working with her. She gives 500% to her work (and life), is knowledgeable, smart and informed, and is one of the most thoughtful and curious people I know. She an incredible asset to any client and team, I would highly recommend Jen to any company, client or partner — Marta Gazzera Ferro, Founder, Starfish Impact / Co-Founder and President, Pink51

“I will never forget the first time I met Jen. Few people have her energy and passion.
Jen is a believer. She believes in the real and meaningful impact organizations can have; this deeply held belief is what drives Jen to work tirelessly. She doesn’t confuse a clear view for a short distance. I am excited to see what the future holds for Jen; I have no doubt that she will continue to bring her engaging passion and core beliefs into her next roles.”— Sam Leach, Student Management Specialist, Portland Public Schools

“Jen’s workshop opened  the door to a breadth of knowledge regarding social media strategies, both for specific campaigns and for increasing overall engagement in the longer term. I’m confident that employing these new ideas will help take my organization’s activity to the next level.” — Caitlin Howard, Social Ventures Portland

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