Training, Coaching + Workshops

Jen Barth is available for training sessions, workshops, speaking events,  and individual or team coaching. Our power-packed, action-oriented sessions help attendees gain critical marketing insights, assess and evolve their brand touch-points, start or reignite the marketing planning process, and lay the groundwork for key brand communications and marketing efforts.

Brand Coaching

Big Small Brands offers personalized individual and team coaching on a variety of other topics. Since 2010 we have helped internal marketing teams, emerging executives, solo-preneurs, and nonprofit organizations explore and better understand topics such as…

  • Audience Analysis and Activation. Defining and prioritizing target audiences to inform messaging, marketing, and new service offerings.
  • Branding Tune-ups. Evaluating your current brand touch-points to identify to where and how to optimize and evolve them to better support your future growth.
  • Personal Brand-Building. Understanding and activating a personal brand strategy.
  • Social Media Action Planning. Developing a social media strategy, content, and measurement framework, and helping hold you accountable for the goals you set.

Big Small Brands Coaching Packages are flexible, ranging from an initial “Brand Builder” package to longer-term engagements. We also offer Community Coaching for clients who are interested in teaming up on the process.

Workshop and Speaking Engagements

Sample workshop and training topics we have conducted include:

  • “Gearing Up for the Giving Season: Key Cause Marketing & Fundraising Essentials”
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  • “Marketing That Matters: Brand Definition & Planning Essentials”
    Read a Recap
  • “Using The Power of Story To Create Breakthrough Content”
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  • “Understanding & Engaging Your Target Audiences: Market Research, Demystified”
  • “Get Socially Savvy: Social Media Essentials for Growing Brands”

In addition to extensive training, speaking, and pitches through previous agency and corporate roles, Big Small Brands’ training workshop clients and partners have included:

Anvil Media | Bradley Angle | Dennison Capen Group | Hatch Innovation | Impact Flow MercyCorps NW | PSU Digital Marketing Conference | Make-a-Wish Oregon | Social Venture Partners Portland | The Regional Arts & Culture Council | Family Forward Oregon | The Flawless Foundation  | The Red Door Project  |  Fresh Faces RX  | The PowerMOB

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