The BSB Listen + Learn:

Conversations That Count

  • What key insights are missing from your current strategy? 

  • What don't you know about the key audiences you serve?

  • Why aren't certain communications resonating?

  • What unmet needs and opportunities aren't on your radar?

  • What do key stakeholders wish you knew —  but may not                                                                                    have the guts to tell you?

If these questions, or others, ring true for your team, consider the simple — and largely untapped — power        of a direct dialogue with an objective, unbiased, and growth-minded marketing research partner.


BSB Listen + Learn interviews dig deep into the issues that matter most; our approach is focused, efficient, and results-oriented, with minimal time and resources required from your team to get started. Recent engagements have helped clients gut-check and validate internal assumptions, prioritize audience needs, uncover key messaging gaps, inform planning and hiring processes, test-run new concepts, and more.


Curious to learn more? Listen to our PR Talk podcast interview: How Research Can Collaborate With PR & Marketing for a glimpse into one of our partnerships.

Industries & spaces we've supported include: 

  • Agencies: Advertising, Creative Services, Communications, Marketing & Research firms

  • B2B/Professional Services

  • DEI

  • Education

  • Financial Services 

  • Media

  • Nonprofit

  • Retail

  • Technology

  • Workforce Development 


A few kind words from BSB research client partners:

"Jen and I have teamed up on several research projects....her findings were insightful, practical, and led to better outcomes for our clients. I recommend Jen highly and without hesitation."

— Mac Prichard, President, Founder & Publisher

"Jen made a seemingly complex process more accessible. And while I know marketing research can be more a time-intensive process than our typical pace, she adapted to get us results fast— which are informing our next phase of growth. Had Jen not talked to our clients, we wouldn't have known we were leaving opportunity on the table."

— Jennifer Ruwart, Founder & CEO

"When Jen and I collaborate, I know that the end result of the project will be better. The PR research Jen provides enables us to bring a fresh, yet well-backed and solid, perspective to projects before they are launched,

making the end result more successful."

— Amy Rosenberg, Founder/President & Author

"I retained Jen to assist me in preparing research to assess how to expand a newly launched program.

Her input was invaluable, from bringing in a broad sampling of participants, to managing the scope of the

discussion, to ensuring that participants all had an equal voice. Thanks to Jen's research our organization

can better serve our target audiences " — Natasha Kautsky, Director of Communications & Marketing

"I choose to partner with Jen because she is a pure joy to work with and always delivers the insights,

innovation and energy. Jen is able to 'hear' and uncover specific needs and capitalize on her previous

sales and marketing leadership roles to accelerate growth and innovation for individuals, clients and partners."

— Emily Della Maggiora, Founder & Managing Partner

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